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Lo Webb

“The approach to build a sustainable lifestyle and relationship with food is what drew me to Savor Flavor Nutrition over other options. I’m at a place now where I feel like I can take what I’ve learned and apply it. I feel as though my goals and concerns were heard and addressed and I saw a lot of progress while working with Kimmie. Progress from the scale to muscle tone, and my thought process in how I planned for meals and better understanding of how to fuel my body. I appreciate her willingness to work through my questions and struggles while I figured this out. Three things I learned about nutrition while working with Kimmie was how to change my perspective of “good/bad” food, customizing my food for goals, and measuring success by more than just the scale. What I learned about myself is that I had been putting more emphasis on the scale than I had realized, I was more restrictive with certain foods for no good reason, and I was viewing food as working against my body instead of for it.”

Mason Webb

“Savor Flavor is all about developing a better relationship with food, not just about dieting or losing weight, and that’s what drew me to Kimmie’s nutrition coaching over other options. Her approach is much more sustainable in that it allows me to eat things that I want, but also sets parameters to also eat the things I need. I feel that I’ve learned how to apply the resources and education she provided me beyond the short term. I believe I made progress in all areas of concern to me. My weight is down, my energy and recovery are up, and I feel like I know what my body needs for fuel, not just what I want to have for short term satisfaction. It was a great experience from start to finish and the support was great. I really enjoyed our weekly zoom calls and the other texting check ins. Savor Flavor Nutrition was absolutely amazing. I felt heard from the beginning and I felt that the coaching was tailored to my individual needs and goals. The support throughout the process was perfect. Three things I learned about nutrition were what my body needs for fuel, that I can still enjoy “unhealthy” foods as long as I am also giving my body what it needs, and that water consumption is just as important as the food I eat. What I learned about myself in this process is that I don’t have to deprive myself of foods to see results, I can view foods as fuel for my day and not as something I need to limit or restrict, and I should control what I eat, not let what I eat control me.”

Petra Russell

“One thing that no one tells you about having an eating disorder is that you never recover from an eating disorder entirely. I come from being told I'm "not fat, just big boned," "You could afford to tone up a little," and dieting since I was young. A size 10 (the average American female's size) was "too fat" to be desirable, eating a piece of bread was frowned upon, and the first time I knew how to hide how much I WASN'T eating...I was 12.

Working with a nutritionist who understands that I have an eating disorder and how it works has made me incredibly happier and I'm not afraid to eat any more and I'm not overeating and I don't feel guilty for being full...I am not counting every single calorie or shaming myself if I want one more French fry...and I'm still losing weight and able to workout to build muscle...

Having had bulimia and anorexia, I've seen both sides of binge eating and starvation. I have messed up my metabolism to the point that my body thinks it's staving frequently, but I don't get hunger cues anymore (i.e. I have TRAINED MY BODY TO NOT FEEL HUNGER). My impulse control with food is almost zero, especially when I feel guilty for eating.

I've worked with a nutritionist before and I always left meetings feeling ashamed of myself and my body because I wasn't hitting a goal number...and the disordered eating returned.

Meanwhile, Kimmie taught me how to do hand portions and not count my calories, not obsess over macros...just use my hand to see what I was eating. My body is so happy with it that I've lost weight again, but I still have the energy to lift heavy weights and do martial arts! And, most importantly, I am MOTIVATED TO WANT TO!

I am so excited and beyond grateful that she took the time to LISTEN to why things hadnt worked for me and come up with a plan so that I'm able to get back to doing what I enjoy in a healthier way.”

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